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Rev. Arielle

Founder of Schism Ministry

Ordained Reverend of the Unity Episcopal Fellowship of America

MDiv. Chaplaincy

DMin. Pastoral Counseling (candidate) 

Trained in Spiritual Healing practices by AIHCP

Rev. Arielle is an ordained Reverend of the Unity Episcopal Fellowship of America. She has her Masters of Divinity in Chaplaincy from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary and is working toward her Doctorate of Ministry in Pastoral Counseling from the Pacific School of Religion. 

Arielle has been serving as a Youth Pastor, Unit Chaplain for Boy Scouts of America, Assistant Chaplain of her Elks Lodge, and Pastoral Counselor for her Christian Community. She first came up with Schism Ministry while serving as a Youth Pastor six years ago when several members of her youth group admitted to either experiencing suicidal ideation, depression, or anxiety, or knowing someone who was suffering. She herself remembers suffering from depression and anxiety in her youth and decided to look into resources for her students. During her research it became more and more evident how absent the Christian Church has become in combating mental illness in general, let alone the youth population. As well as how common Mental Illness was among children and youth. Over the course of the next several years she developed a spiritual growth program that specifically targets children as young as 5 years old in developing the spiritual discipline needed to manage emotions and develop routines that bring us closer to Jesus and His plan of healing for us. The best part about her program is it is easy to implement as a Sunday School class or Youth Group study program. It takes minimal training and can even be implemented in the home. 

"The cornerstone of my program is Mark 12:31 'Love your neighbor as yourself'. It is a commonly known verse but many people miss the part about loving yourself first. Jesus commands us to love ourselves and then our neighbor. Spiritual Self-Care is a huge part of this lesson and the basis for my program. Learn how Jesus practiced self-care and commanded us to do the same." - Rev. Arielle 

Bishop Cesaer.jpg

Fr. Caesar

Director of Schism Ministry

Bishop of North East Diocese for Episcopal Catholic Church

Bishop Caesar Johnson was raised Catholic in the Roman Catholic church as a child in New York. At the same time his grandfather Henry Johnson was a Southern Baptist Reverend in Albany New York.

This was a great experience growing up with two polar opposite theologies. Which would later shape. Fr Caesars ministries in the future. Fr . Caesar always felt called to ministry even at a young age. There was great conflict in him; he wanted to be a Roman Catholic priest. However, he knew he was the last one that could carry on his family name and also had a strong desire to have a family. This led him to become a non-denominational minister.

Fr Caesar served in the army as a military policeman and deployed to Iraq. During his time in the military he came in contact with Christians from different Middle Eastern groups that trace apostolic succession to Saint Thomas, as well as Saint Mathew. This was a major revelation that raised the question

Why do all of the earliest churches that still exist today celebrate the Eucharist? At this point in time, Fr Caesar Felt it important in his heart to belong to a church with apostolic succession to be a Eucharistic minister.

In this journey, Fr Caesar Had formed bonds and friendships with clergy from many different churches. However in the United States during these times it is very unfortunate that people are very passionate about their politics. Making the church the battleground or the boxing ring for it.

You may know the saying “whether you’ve gone too far left, or you’ve gone too far right, do you know what you’ve done? You’ve gone too far”.

Fr Caesar had been in search to belong to a church that would have a more 'live and let live' policy towards its ministers. In the search, he applied for the Episcopal Catholic Church And was accepted. Fr Caesar has worked with different charitable groups children’s home projects veterans of foreign war projects. Supporting Christians in Lebanon and Pakistan. It is his belief that our differences in Christian denominations are beautiful however having the ability to come together as one body of Christ to serve Christ through charity is very important. Fr Caesar was elected to the position of bishop-elect in 2019 and consecrated as a bishop in July 2021. He is currently Bishop of St. Louis IX diocese of the northeast United States.


Bishop Caesar favorite sermon is the apostle James faith without works is dead. He feels that his calling is bringing Christians together from different denominations to serve the Lord to charity.

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