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Unity Episcopal Fellowship of America

I believe that I am a spirit having this human experience.
I believe that I was created out of love and in my creation,
I am granted the Fruits of the Spirit for the highest good of myself and others.
I believe that I am equal to every other human being.
I believe that all creation is a blessing for me to enjoy,
and that I am called by God to be the best steward of the Earth,
I believe in the supreme commandments of Jesus
to love God and one another as ourselves.
I do my best to live a life of compassion and love for others.
I believe in original blessing rather than original sin and that,
what matters most is not how much I sin, but how much I love.
I enjoy the sacraments and I know that they are a means of grace.
I respect all faiths, because they are a means of connecting to the divine reality.
I believe in a faith community that is inclusive of all peoples.
I believe that through spiritual enlightenment I can reach my own ascension.

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